I am reviving the Kitty Krew Killers!

2010-06-25 20:11:59 by KittyKrewKillers

I am reviving the Kitty Krew Killers! Pm me if you want to join!

We must stop the KK they are evil and are killing newgrounds! We need to kill them once and for all to stop them! KILL THE KK THEY ARE GAY!


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2010-06-25 20:20:52

aren't you only like a year late? I haven't seen a KK flash in ages.


2010-06-25 21:01:10

Why must they be stop?


2010-06-25 23:30:34

Good luck with that, I blam 'em every chance I get but there are just way too many of those assholes to get rid of all their trash.


2010-06-26 00:01:12

Why so serious?

Also gay isn't an insult, you fucking moron. Grow the fuck up.